• Students graduate eighth grade having completed Algebra I, with a concrete and abstract understanding of mathematical principles.

  • Students are life-long readers and writers. Students know how to write for multiples purposes and audiences, in many genres. Students have an appreciation for beautiful writing.

  • Students are inquisitive and curious scientists, with an understanding of the scientific principles that guide the universe.

  • Students develop an understanding of history thematically and chronologically. By analyzing primary sources and using the Socratic Method, students understand the underlying beliefs and systems that shaped history.



  • work together in a team to accomplish a goal.

  • speak eloquently and engagingly in front of a group.

  • disagree respectfully.

  • Solve a conflict.

  • Build relationships and find common ground with others.

  • Share their opinions and needs with peers and adults.


  • Students feel they have a voice in their education.

  • Students recognize their self-worth.

  • Students know when and how to ask for help.

  • Students know how to set healthy boundaries.

  • Students know how to care for their body, mind, and spirit.

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